Innovating Streets

We are loving this. Innovating Streets is right up our alley and "Innovation" is, you could say, our middle name. As a group of people, we connect with each other as we are all innovators. Always pushing the boundaries; developing guidelines for the industry; teaching the profession; running and evaluating trials; putting on community events. That's why we are so excited about Innovating Streets.

Our Innovative Streets projects cover community activation, travel planning, design-led thinking and principles, event management, partnerships, place-making and community engagement through co-design. Then there's project design and management, project monitoring, data collection and evaluation, road safety and accessibility auditing, safe system transport planning and engineering, temporary traffic management, urban design/landscape architecture, and workshop facilitation. We do it all.

Sometimes interim "trial" treatments are preferable before implementing permanent works. This allows you to test certain layouts (and change them if need be) while allowing other stakeholders to experience them and provide feedback. As part of the Dunedin Central Schools Cluster, we proposed a series of "paint and posts" street treatments to introduce thresholds, crossing points and other traffic safety measures. After these low-cost measures had been installed for about a year, they were converted to permanent concrete treatments.

Recently, we assisted New Plymouth and Whakatāne districts with their Innovating Streets funding applications. We also gave a long list of ideas to Christchurch City for their consideration. Here’s hoping that the funding agency will find some additional budget as the $7m fund will be hopelessly oversubscribed even after the first round of applications. There are so many shovel-ready and good ideas out there worthy of quick implementation.

Our staff also have experience in auditing and peer-reviewing innovative street projects, including the Federal Street contraflow cycleway in Auckland and the SH1 one-way separated cycleways in Dunedin. We assisted Christchurch City with proposals to trial a street rearrangement in Edgeware Village, and provided Auckland Transport with options for providing contra-flow cycleways on three Auckland streets. Previously ViaStrada undertook separate research for VicRoads and Auckland Transport into the use of flexible posts and other interim separators for cycleways. Prior to joining ViaStrada, Glen Koorey also oversaw engineering student investigations into creating a "rural home zone" at Waikuku Beach using low-cost street treatments.

Our staff have also published and presented on many of these innovative ideas and projects, including:

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