Transportation engineering

We undertake a wide range of transport engineering services, including
  • Road safety audits (all stages), including Safety Audit & Network Functionality (SANF) reviews
  • Scheme investigation studies for corridors, intersections and areas
  • Traffic signal designs and reviews
  • Speed management reviews/strategies
  • Pedestrian and cycle facility designs and reviews
  • Car parking and access design/reviews
  • Road safety and geometric design reviews
  • Level Crossing Safety Impact Assessments (LCSIAs)
  • Formal trials of new/innovative traffic control devices and design layouts
Notable recent projects include:

Contra-flow cycle laneViaStrada was commissioned by Auckland Transport to conduct a post construction safety audit of the Federal Street contra-flow cycle lanes. The Federal Street project runs between Victoria Street West and Wyndham Street and between Swanson Street and Fanshawe Street. St Patrick's Square (to the east side of St Patrick’s Cathedral) between Swanson Street and Wyndham Street was also assessed, based on site visit observations.

Guppy / Meeanee intersectionIn August 2018, ViaStrada prepared a scheme report assessing capacity and safety issues (including sight lines to oncoming traffic) for the signalised Guppy / Meeanee intersection. Subsequently a detailed design of the preferred option was developed.

mapViaStrada was contracted by Whanganui District Council to design or retrofit five sets of signalised intersections so that the Te Tuaiwi pathway could be incorporated. From concept to delivery, ViaStrada took charge of all project stages to detailed design.

platform treatment at roundaboutThrough the iWay network and MoveIt school travel planning programmes, the Hastings District Council (HDC) has identified two corridors presenting barriers for people walking and cycling. HDC commissioned ViaStrada to review the safety and usability of seven roundabouts along these two corridors. While borne out of concerns for non-motorised users, the review also considers the safety of motorists.

Wigram Skies mapViaStrada was engaged by Ngai Tahu Property Ltd to undertake a post construction road safety audit including day and night time site inspections, of a large residential subdivision in Christchurch.

Blenheim roundabout conceptViaStrada was commissioned by the NZTA to identify up to five intersections with the highest recorded crashes, investigate causal factors and propose concepts to address the cycle crashes. In addition, an assessment of cycling issues along four corridors was asked for.

Separated cycle lanesViaStrada was commissioned to conduct safety audits of the uni-directional separated cycleway pair on the one-way system in central Dunedin, on State Highway 1 between Pine Hill and Rattray Street. 

Speed and volume graphicFor five schools in the central city, ViaStrada developed an area-wide plan for road safety improvements including options for the optimisation of on-street parking. The work include a full review of parking capacity, occupancy, speed and volume data.

Aerial image of the roundaboutMarlborough Roads engaged ViaStrada to develop an improved roundabout design for the Alabama Road and Weld Street intersection. This site has residential houses on three quadrants and a large supermarket on the fourth quadrant. The roundabout improvement project builds on the previous cycle safety assessment ViaStrada undertook in early 2018 of five roundabouts and four routes in Blenheim. Of the five roundabouts studied, the Alabama Road and Weld Street roundabout had the second highest number of cyclist-involved crashes (9 crashes recorded in the CAS database).

design planPNCC engaged ViaStrada to undertake scheme and detail design stage road safety audits of a number of roundabout upgrades at city intersections.