Transportation engineering

We undertake a wide range of transport engineering services, including
  • Road safety audits (all stages), including Safety Audit & Network Functionality (SANF) reviews
  • Scheme investigation studies for corridors, intersections and areas
  • Traffic signal designs and reviews
  • Speed management reviews/strategies
  • Pedestrian and cycle facility designs and reviews
  • Car parking and access design/reviews
  • Road safety and geometric design reviews
  • Level Crossing Safety Impact Assessments (LCSIAs)
  • Formal trials of new/innovative traffic control devices and design layouts
Notable recent projects include:

This study focused on enhancing the walkability of the Greymouth Town Centre.  The comprehensive final report covered high level strategic planning through to detailed recommendations for site specific design investigations.


roundabout designViaStrada was engaged by the NZTA to carry out a detail design stage safety audit of a proposed roundabout on Tay Street, Invercargill.

Following the 4 September 2010 earthquake, ViaStrada was engaged by Waimakariri District Council to provide traffic engineering advice to create streetscape concept designs that reflect the needs and desires of the residents for a range of transport choices.

ViaStrada was commissioned by Palmerston North City Council to peer review the concept plans of proposed changes to Walding Street, an arterial road that forms part of the city's ring road system.

ViaStrada's traffic engineers undertook a scheme design stage safety audit of a proposed upgrade of Elles Road, Invercargill. Elles Road is a busy arterial in a commercial area of Invercargill and features many commercial entrances, traffic signals and a pedestrian crossing. The audit was carried out in accordance with Austroads and NZTA guidelines.

Preliminary design stage safety audit of a proposed roundabout at the intersection of a local road and a collector road. The roundabout is to replace the existing priority controlled crossroads.

ViaStrada recognise the need for careful horizontal and vertical geometric design to make roundabouts safer for all road users and bring this expertise to safety auditing of roundabouts.

The audit was carried out in accordance with Austroads and NZTA guidelines.

ViaStrada undertakes a detail design stage safety audit of a new traffic signals for the “Noble Village” subdivision access to the southern side of Yaldhurst Road (State Highway 73).

ViaStrada has specialised traffic signals auditing skills that were utilised with this project. 

The audit was delivered promptly and was carried out in accordance with Austroads and NZTA guidelines, receiving designer acceptance and NZTA approval.

mapAuckland Transport commissioned ViaStrada to provide cycle network advice supporting the scheme assessment stage of road development in the Long Bay area of North Shore.

signalised scheme design

ViaStrada was engaged by Auckland Transport to undertake a scheme design stage road safety audit of a proposed new signalised intersection on a strategic arterial route in the Auckland suburb of Massey.

ViaStrada was commissioned by Christchurch International Airport Ltd to conduct a review of a proposed roundabout at the airport.

The objective of the review was to determine if the land required for the proposed roundabout was appropriate and whether the proposed design was safe and had capacity for the future.