Research and publications

We carry out transport research, think-pieces and policy guidance for national agencies, local councils, and other clients, and regularly publish and present to the industry (including many award-winning papers). Below are links to our latest published work:

Axel gave his first presentation to his peers at the 1998 Traffic Management Workshop in Hamilton. The remit concerned cyclists at wide intersections not having enough time to clear the intersection when they enter just before the signals turn yellow.

This seminal study of cycle use and crashes in Christchurch was undertaken with surveys of adult cyclists, school cyclists and medical facilities in 1989. Extensive analysis was done in 1990, with the final report being published in 1991 by Transit New Zealand as Research Report No. 7.

The project was undertaken by Susan Cambridge (Christchurch City Council), Mike Gadd (CCC), Geoff Holland (Ministry of Transport), Dick Huntington (CCC) and Andrew Macbeth (Canterbury Regional Council).

Recorded for posterity - an historic report of a traffic survey of 1988 at 46 locations throughout Christchurch, using the railway lines as a traffic counting screenline.