Christchurch traffic screenline survey 1988

Between 1985 and 1988 the Canterbury United Council (CUC) undertook a series of important traffic surveys throughout Christchurch. The CUC (now the Canterbury Regional Council) had a significant role in regional transport planning then because there were five cities/districts in what is now Christchurch City and the CUC provided a co-ordinating and regional transport planning function.  Malcolm Douglass was the chief executive about this time.

Reports of the surveys were published by the CUC at the time.  The latest of these reports (1988) summarises that year's survey results and analyses traffic trends over the preceding years.  The report has been scanned and put on the ViaStrada website in the public interest as it is otherwise not readyly available.

The reports provide invaluable baseline data for traffic in Christchurch.  The surveys were done at the "railway screenline", at every crossing of the railway lines in Christchurch.  Modes surveyed were car, light trade, heavy trade, bus, motor cycle, bicycle and pedestrians.  The occupancy of cars was also counted. The surveys were undertaken by about 100 school students from three Christchurch secondary schools and conducted between 7:30 am and 8:45 am on Tuesday 22 March 1988.  Andrew Macbeth (Urban Transport Planner, Canterbury United Council) supervised the surveys, did the data analysis and wrote the report. 

The full report is available on our website.  Hard copies of all four reports are available in the ViaStrada Christchurch office.

Where presented/published

Canterbury United Council Report No. 423; ISBN 1-86937-065-1