Contact ViaStrada

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, some of our staff are still occasionally working at home. Please check with any individual before you come round to a meeting. As can be expected, we are all most efficient at video conferencing (MS Teams, Zoom, Skype).

Our office is above Pomeroy's Pub on Kilmore Street in the central city. The building is near the eastern end of Kilmore Street, just before Fitzgerald Avenue. ViaStrada is at the top of the external wooden stairs on the west side of the building (down the driveway).

If you're driving, there's car parking on the street and in a gravel lot behind the building off Fitzgerald Ave. From the north, reach us via Barbadoes Street (you can't turn right from Fitzgerald into Kilmore). There's bike parking behind and below the external staircase, or you can bring your bike onto our property. If you come by bus, take the Orange Line and get off near Chester Street on Fitzgerald Ave. We're also a short walk (or scoot) away from the central city.