ViaStrada offers several industry training courses, some of them organised on behalf of the NZTA. You can enrol in those courses that we advertise on our website; please contact Helen Woodhouse for further details about registering for these.

Courses are developed and offered on the basis of industry demand. We are also looking into the development of interactive case-based workshops and online webinars as alternative delivery mechanisms. For technical enquiries about training offered, or to express interest in us offering some training, please contact Glen Koorey.

We also offer in-house training courses for government agencies and consultancies - please contact Glen Koorey for further details.

Training course in October 2017
Training course in October 2017

Planning and Design for Cycling

Planning and Design for Walking

SIDRA Intersection

  • ViaStrada no longer offers training in SIDRA; other options are available. We are still able to provide specialist advice on intersection design and review of SIDRA modelling; contact Axel Wilke.

    Axel enjoys training