Carbon neutral

At ViaStrada, we aim to hold true to the statements set out in our Vision, Purpose and Values, and to take real action that reflects the principles underpinning those statements. One of our values is:

  • Care for our planet by espousing climate-mitigating solutions and low-impact business practices.

As part of our commitment to those low-impact practices, we think carefully about our transport options. Many of us cycle to work or local business meetings, and we have company membership of a car share scheme that helps with some of our out-of-town travel. Where we take taxis or hire cars, we prefer EVs or hybrids. We don’t take unnecessary flights but, where possible, plan trips to combine meetings and site visits so that flights are limited.

In the office we have a few simple practices that help: we strive to be paperless, we recycle our waste and we use a compost bin.

But ultimately, running a business has an environmental impact that our own actions can’t always mitigate. We have become carbon neutral by joining an offset scheme run by New Zealand-based Ekos.

All Ekos C02 offsets come from internationally certified, community-based rainforest carbon projects in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Our carbon credits are currently sourced from the Drawa rainforest conservation project in Fiji. However, Ekos recently established projects in New Zealand and it may be that we can source credits from our own beautiful environment sometime in the future.

The carbon calculation process is straightforward, but if you’re not familiar with it we encourage you to contact Ekos and join us in giving back to our planet.

Technical team tour by bike
Technical team tour by bike