Rethinking travel in Christchurch

Glen Koorey
          Glen Koorey


ViaStrada's Glen Koorey contributed to a recent Press discussion about the future of transport in Christchurch, and it might look and operate quite differently...

Glen says that most people realise privately-owned motor vehicles aren’t a viable transport option for the long term. Congestion and the inevitability of rising oil prices mean that, at least for urban travel, we need to rethink. As a result, many are switching to two wheels and making their way around town by bike or e-bike. Christchurch City Council’s 13 Major Cycle Routes should make this easier, by linking key destinations across the city.

Another important trend is the switch to "mobility as a service". In the future, people may be looking to pay for a bundle of transport services they might use, such as car-share, bike-share, public transport, Uber, etc. It will mean less need to own vehicles ourselves, when we can rent them as we need them instead. A key to making this work well is technology to help advise you of your transport options and their respective costs and times.

As Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury review their options for transport, they too acknowledge that vehicle technology is changing and that people need to be provided with more options for travel modes. Here at ViaStrada we’re all for that!

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A section of the Papanui Parallel Major Cycle Route