2018 Aotearoa Bike Challenge

Last year, we conceded that ViaStrada sucks at cycling. We came 14th last year in our category (with 100% participation; go figure...), and we wouldn’t do any better this year. Now that the Aotearoa Bike Challenge is again upon us, we must face the truth once more.

So we shall withdraw our participation for 2018. Why? An organisation’s success gets measured by how many more staff you encourage to try out biking. But we can’t improve on 100% as all of us bike to work every day.

Us suckers shall stay out of this. But we encourage you pedal pushers to get your work colleagues onto bikes. Getting some fresh air on your face in the morning, and giving you some regular exercise, is good for you. Or you non-pedal pushers, try out some of the new cycleways and see how nice it is when you sail past those long queues.