Directional cycle signals – update

We are pleased to report that we have submitted our trial report for this project.

Two years ago, a formal Traffic Control Device trial of directional cycle signals was approved for four locations; two in Christchurch and two in Auckland. Official trials of new traffic control devices are lengthy projects, and we carried out baseline surveys, then had the directional cycle signals installed, observed and surveyed user behaviour (of both people cycling and driving) after everybody got used to the new devices, and the same again a further year down the track. The resulting report will now make its way through the official channels and all going well, these traffic control devices will become available for all road controlling authorities to use in a few months' time.

The project has been technically challenging but the results look good. It is a privilege to work on projects like this as the outcome is that we will be able to operate signalised intersections better for people cycling when they have their own facility. And in the course of the project, Megan won 'Best Research Paper' at the 2019 Transportation Group NZ Conference, with Axel stepping in for her and presenting as she was otherwise busy.

Directional cycle signal 2