Palmerston North cycling network plan


The ViaStrada team conducted field reviews and desktop project identification. From the long list of projects, GIS analysis was conducted for demand estimates, an assessment of reported crashes, rough-order cost estimation, and multi-criteria analysis using the Activetrans Priority Tool (APT). For the top-ranked thirty projects, summary sheets including a project map, description, and key facts were developed to inform future investigations and funding applications. 

John and PNCC's new transport planner Matthew Kilpatrick co-organised a stakeholder workshop to obtain views from other units of council and members of the public. John also produced a consolidated 12 page public engagement strategy based on NZ Transport Agency lessons learned and best practices, along with three-page corridor-specific engagement plans.

Project Objective
Review the cycling facilities network, progress made since the last strategy update in 2007, facilitate workshop and propose new corridors and facility types.
Palmerston North City Council
Palmerston North
Consultation support, ArcGIS Online mapping, project report
Project Status
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