Mackenzie District Transport Mapping


The Department of Conservation (DOC) commissioned ViaStrada to create a web map application that summarizes data relating to different topics:

  • Population and land use
  • Environment and ecological management
  • Visitor accommodation, walking tracks and other touristic POI 
  • Parking, buses and shuttle services,
  • Infrastructure characteristics, road conditions and road safety

The scope of work included research, data gathering, data preparation and data aggregation for the web map. Further, ViaStrada put up a report about a potential Park & Ride system in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. A literature review has been undertaken to develop criteria for potential Park & Ride locations and different operating systems. Based on the criteria catalogue, four potential Park & Ride locations, as well as Pickup and Drop-off points are described in the report. Visitation data was also used to estimate the number of shuttles needed.

Map of Shuttle services in Mackenzie District


Project Objective
Creating a web application and write a short report about Park & Ride
Department of Conservation
Mackenzie District
Report and Webmap
June 2019 - February 2020
Project Status
Key contact