Raised Safety Platforms

Raised Safety Platforms (RSPs) help manage motor vehicle approach speeds on the approach to intersections. They are specifically designed for motorist comfort when travelling at an appropriate speed and may also serve as a pedestrian crossing facility. As a road safety device, they prevent deaths and serious injuries by achieving negotiation speeds at a survivable level. In case a road user makes a mistake (e.g. violating a red light), others won’t have to pay with their life.

RSPs are included as a trial device in Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Standard Safety Intervention Toolkit 2019. Since the publication of the toolkit, Mackie Research has completed Austroads Research Report AP-R642-20 Effectiveness and Implementation of Raised Safety Platforms. This excellent research summarises the application of RSPs at higher speed signalised intersections, roundabouts and midblock crossings. 

RSPs are also a potential feature for Tactical Urbanism pilot interventions. We summarised platform design in our Tactical Urbanism Toolkit document, the Selection and Use of Non-permanent Materials for Pilot Projects.

ViaStrada is designing RSPs for several clients, including in Taranaki, Canterbury, and Far North, with several RSPs on state highways. Please contact us if you need RSP design help or if you know of any new installations that we can include in our case study database.

Photo courtesy Mackie Research