The future of transport will be MaaS-ive...

Where presented/published

Pecha-Kucha vol.36, Christchurch, 17 Sep 2018

What will the future of transport hold for us? Will it be all about flying cars - or will it address more mundane questions like "how do I get to the airport early in the morning?"

In Sep 2018, Glen Koorey gave a "pecha-kucha" presentation on the future of transport to a presentation evening in Christchurch, jointly hosted by the Transportation Group NZ and NZ Institute of Architects. This session, part of the Pecha-Kucha Christchurch series, focused on transport and urban design in our city and around the world.

What is pecha-kucha? It's an entertaining fast-moving presentation format where each speaker only has 20 slides that display for 20 seconds - preparation is key!

In this presentation, Glen introduces the concept of "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS) and how it can be used to provide people with a coordinated range of travel choices. Glen believes that the immediate future of transport is more about connecting many travel (and payment) options seamlessly, not self-driving cars. You can also watch the slides and listen to Glen.

Glen Koorey
Director – Principal Transportation Engineer & Transportation Planner