Celebrating Safe Speed Neighbourhoods outside schools

This month's theme is walking and pathways to walkable communities. A key part of making walking attractive is being able to safely walk and cross the road. Yesterday, Christchurch City Council (CCC) councillors made the decision to approve the Safe Speed Neighbourhoods interim (phase one) Speed Management Plan to reduce speed limits to 30 km around all schools across Christchurch city and Banks Peninsula. This is an excellent achievement for helping to create safer communities for our young people on their journey to and from school. Bravo CCC!

You can read more in the Newsline article here: https://newsline.ccc.govt.nz/news/story/draftspeed-limits-to-drop-outside-all-christchurch-schools

Glen has done work on how lower speed limits are making communities healthier by reducing the speed limit to 30 km/h (results in fewer deaths and serious injuries and more recently, a separate evaluation of some of the suburban lover speeds introduced a few years back which he used to support a council submission supporting lower speed limits.

Title slide for submission to CCC on Safe Speed Neighbourhoods