Monitoring walking and cycling webinar available

Recently ViaStrada assisted with the development and presentation of the Transport Agency's first webinar on walking & cycling topics, namely measuring and monitoring these active modes. Glen Koorey oversaw the project coordination and MC'd the webinar, while John Lieswyn presented on technologies available for monitoring. They were joined by Bridget Burdett (MRCagney, measuring walking) and Courtney Groundwater (Abley, monitoring cycling), with Claire Pascoe (NZTA) providing a sponsor's overview.

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At least 150 people tuned in to view the presentations and to ask questions throughout it. The resulting (free) webinar is now available for viewing and listening to. Note that you’ll need to install Adobe Connect on your browser to make it work; this link will test that your system is good to go. Due to some audio issues encountered, John’s presentation was re-recorded so that you can hear an uninterrupted version of his talk.

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Following are the links to the recordings.

Please note, questions in relation to John’s presentation have been left in this recording

Thanks to Engineering NZ for their hosting and technical support, and the Transport Agency for their sponsorship of this event. The next webinar with NZTA is planned for Dec 10th 2019, on the topic of "Safe intersection & crossing treatments for walking and cycling".