Congratulations to Wellington City Council on prestigious prize for new cycle network!

Huge congratulations and kudos to Wellington City Council on winning prestigious global recognition and prize money from (Global Designing Cities Initiative - Bloomfield Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure) for its city-wide cycle network that is currently being rolled out! Well deserved and the result of hard mahi by the Wellington team!

ViaStrada is delighted to support the process as the safety auditors for Paneke Pōneke – Wellington’s transitional cycle network. The audits consider effects on accessibility, so are called “CASA” – i.e. “Cycleway audit – safety and accessibility”. So far, ViaStrada has undertaken CASAs for seven routes/packages, plus provided additional guidance on various other locations.

Our process began with a “safety camp” where the CASA team members went to Wellington for an intense two days of site visits and meetings with WCC staff. This helped form our understanding of the challenges and opportunities to provide for cycling in Wellington.

Read more in Wellington city's article here


cyclist pictured in front of large Wellington sign