MOTSAM amendments

ViaStrada was commissioned by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) to update the cycling-related content of the Manual of Traffic Signs and Markings (MOTSAM). MOTSAM is the guideline that the industry uses for signs and markings. The update was published in August 2008.

As part of the development of the updated sections, NZTA (then Transit NZ) and ViaStrada consulted with a list of industry stakeholders. Some valuable feedback was received on our first draft and resulted in various amendments.

In a parallel process, we were also assisting with a revision of the NZ Supplement to Austroads Part 14 Bicycles, the NZ cycling design manual.

The presentation illustrates the process used for updating the guidelines, and highlight some of the changes. More information about this project is available from the MOTSAM project page.

Where presented/published

8th CAT Forum, Christchurch (Dec 2008)