Central City loading zone review, Christchurch


Within the 4 Avenues (Central City) of Christchurch there are a considerable number of loading zones and short term parking restrictions. The City Council receives numerous requests for new loading zones, removal and alterations to existing loading zones. A comprehensive review was required so that the Council can make informed decisions.

The project involved extensive documentation of all zones as well as extensive consultation with interest groups. Staging of the project allowed a co-ordinated approach which included analysing and documented what existed, adopting a methodology for review, recommendations for status quo, removal and / or alteration right through to legal ratification by Council. The project brought together a number of strengths within the company in particular our knowledge of road network operations and public consultation processes.

Project Objective
To rationalise all on-street loading zones within the Christchurch Central City
Christchurch City Council
Written report and maps
Project Status
Final stage completion August 2006
Key contact