Hussey Road traffic management plan, Christchurch


Recent development of residential subdivisions in the north west of the city has resulted in a substantial increase in traffic activity on a number of roads in the area. The increased activity has not been limited to vehicular traffic but it is evident that pedestrian and cycle activity has also increased. Previously many of the roads experienced very little traffic activity.

The increase has placed pressure on the existing transport infrastructure and local residents held concerns with respect to the effects of this on the level of road safety and residential amenity. They required a review of these conditions and the development of a traffic management plan to be presented to Council. The project required a consultant experienced in public participation as well as strong transport planning ability.

Project Objective
To examine a number of road safety and amenity issues raised by local residents and explore methods by which these can be remedied or mitigated as well as giving consideration to priorities.
Willowbank Residents Group
Written report and recommendations
Completed November 2006
Project Status
Completed November 2006
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