Banks Peninsula data collection


Lorraine and Jon have been out and about on Banks Peninsula recording the road markings, one way bridge priorities and other traffic control devices.

When Banks Peninsula District Council was amalgamated with Christchurch City Council, it was difficult to reconcile some of the traffic resolutions with the markings and traffic controls on the road, and other records were difficult to find.

As a result, the City Council has commissioned ViaStrada to collect and record of all the markings and signs on the Peninsula. All traffic control devices requiring a Council resolution will go through the correct legislative process ensuring the signs and markings can be enforced. The signs and markings are now scheduled in the RAMM database with the respective resolution. While out there, the signs were photographed for easy reference and the condition is now recorded for the maintenance team.

Project Objective
Record existing traffic control devices
Christchurch City Council
Banks Peninsula
RAMM data, Council resolutions, photos
Project Status
Key contact