Further MOTSAM update


NZTA commissioned ViaStrada to update more MOTSAM (Manual of Traffic Signs and Markings) material. Gone are all the old double limit lines, for example. Some of the more noteworthy amendments are:

  • amended guidance on the marking of hook turn boxes for cyclists,
  • warrants for turn lanes have been deleted,
  • Alberta markings at roundabouts now allow for a new line style,
  • the calculation for diverge tapers has been changed, and
  • Section 2 now references the upcoming Austroads Guide to Road Design manuals.

The hook turn box guidance came about through the development of material for the Advanced Planning and Design for Cycling course.

The manual is hosted on the NZTA website - look for MOTSAM Part 2: Markings.

Project Objective
Update engineering guideline
Updated MOTSAM Pages
Project Status
Published July 2009
Key contact