Taupo District Walking and Cycling Strategy


Walking and cycling are popular forms of recreation within the Taupo District due to the many events, temperate climate, and mostly gentle topography. Events encourage locals to take up cycling or walking as a sport or recreational activity and are important generators of business and tourism.  However, most transportation is done by car.  A strategy which sets the Council's strategic direction for recreation, tourism and transport is considered a key planning document to assist in achieving a "Walking and Cycling Friendly District".

The Taupo District Council (TDC) commissioned ViaStrada Ltd to lead the update to the existing walking and cycling strategy. ViaStrada director Andrew Macbeth and transport planner John Lieswyn convened three workshops with stakeholders including council staff, councillors, Bike Taupo, Walk Taupo, the New Zealand Transport Agency, New Zealand Police, Environment Waikato, Sport Waikato, Road Sense Education, and the Lakes District Health Board. The revised strategy proceeded through four draft stages before the TDC staff presented the final draft to Council in September 2008.

ViaStrada produced a supplementary Action Plan with a strong asset management focus to assist Council staff with implementation. The client praised ViaStrada for producing a concise strategy and was especially pleased with the format and usability of the Action Plan.


Project Objective
Update Council's walking and cycling strategy
Taupo District Council
Taupo, New Zealand
Completed June 2009
Project Status
Completed June 2009
Key contact