Glacier pedestrian and cycle access – safety audit


ViaStrada was engaged by DOC to carry out a post construction safety audit of the shared walking and cycle tracks to Franz Josef and Fox glaciers.

The main objective for this project was to provide safe and viable alternative routes to Franz Josef and Fox glaciers for people wishing to walk and cycle.  Prior to the completion of this project, walkers and cyclists had to share an unsealed road with motor vehicles for the entire journey, a distance of approximately 5 km for both glaciers

This is a mountainous area with high rainfall and lush west coast bush.  Both access roads follow the valley sides, where they are flanked by rivers and cliff faces at various locations. The shared walking and cycle tracks have been routed through dense bush where significant rock outcrops and the retention of many character trees led to design compromises on both the shared paths.

Project Objective
Carry out post construction safety audit for DOC
Department of Conservation
Post construction safety audit
Project Status
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