Cycle safety at Blenheim roundabouts


ViaStrada was commissioned by the NZTA to identify up to five intersections with the highest recorded crashes, investigate causal factors and propose concepts to address the cycle crashes. In addition, an assessment of cycling issues along four corridors was asked for; the expectation was that there would be overlap between the project components. A report was submitted on the worst intersections that examined the crash details, identified likely crash scenarios. It included observations of the high-risk locations and treatment options were provided. The report also covered the crash details and locations along four routes, provided observations of the high-risk locations and proposed treatment options for the higher risk locations.

Blenheim roundabout concept
Project Objective
Identify cycle black-spot locations and suggest remedial measures
NZ Transport Agency
Report including remedial measures
Nov 2017 - Apr 2018
Project Status
Key contact