Latham Street cycleway, Napier - scheme design


The Latham Street – Sale Street corridor is an arterial road connecting Riverbend Road and Marine Parade over a distance of about 2.0 km. Currently, there are no cycle facilities along the length of Latham St / Sale St. However, the corridor provides a clear connection between the city centre and suburbs of Marewa, Maraenui and Onekawa.

Critical locations along Latham St corridor

Following a crash analysis and parking utilisation survey, ViaStrada provided various cycleway options for different segments of Latham Street. Those options include standard on-road cycle lanes, buffered cycle lanes as well as separated cycleways. Some options provide parking on both sides of the street, but there are also options with just one-side on-street parking. All options were compared and a multi-criteria analysis (MCA) was undertaken. Finally, recommendations were made on what option might be the best.

Cross-section examples of Latham St cycleway options

Project Objective
Develop a concept scheme design for cycle lanes along Latham St, Napier
Napier City Council
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