Te Tuaiwi traffic signals


ViaStrada was contracted by Whanganui District Council to design or retrofit five sets of signalised intersections so that the Te Tuaiwi pathway could be incorporated. We organised traffic counts, undertook scheme planning and provided the client with options, and then took the agreed schemes to a detailed design ready for implementation by the client's contractor. We engaged Bill Sissons of Advanced Traffic Solutions to write the controller software and commission the signals. From concept to delivery, ViaStrada took charge of all project stages to detailed design.

Guyton north leg
Project Objective
Design traffic signals (5 sets) for the Te Tuaiwi pathway in Whanganui
Whanganui District Council
along Saint Hill Street and the Glasgow Street railway crossing
scheme and detailed design for five signalised intersections
Project Status
four of five intersections completed; waiting on KiwiRail
Key contact