Canterbury Regional Speed Management Plan


ViaStrada was commissioned by Environment Canterbury (ECan), on behalf of the Regional Road Safety Working Group (RRSWG), to undertake the following tasks:

  • Confirm legislative (or other) expectations that the Transport Agency has of regional and local government in response to the upward trend in death and serious injury (DSI) crashes, particularly with respect to speed management, and confirm the work that the Ministry of Transport and the Transport Agency are undertaking that will need to be taken into account in the development of any action plan.
  • Identify the variety of road safety data sources and sets and what they offer in a form that can be published on the internet for all councils to access. This will include data sources developed by individual councils.
  • Survey Canterbury councils to understand which data sources they use, and the key datasets they rely on, as well as any datasets they have created.
  • Document key issues with sources/sets; there is a real need to document the problems that are arising, which affect quality of evidence base and analysis of road safety trends and issues.
  • Survey Canterbury councils for methodologies used to identify issues and develop interventions, and reasons for taking stated approaches.
  • Understand what monitoring Canterbury councils may have in place, if any.
  • Provide recommendations on where Environment Canterbury can provide value with respect to a “Canterbury Regional Road Safety Action Plan” or a more specific “Canterbury Regional Speed Management Plan”.
rural 60k speed limit
Project Objective
Review need/requirements for a regional speed management plan and local road safety data usage
Environment Canterbury
Nov 2018 – May 2019
Project Status
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