Western Bay Sub-region Travel Demand Management (TDM) Scoping Study


ViaStrada supported Vitruvius by preparing an online StoryMap of Travel Demand Management case studies, assessing travel demand by each mode, existing and proposed networks, and the opportunity for mode shift if supported by various scenarios of behaviour change investments. 

Key recommended actions arising from this work include: 

  • An umbrella brand to bring existing campaigns and programmes together (e.g. Travel Safe; The Wednesday Challenge; Tauranga Travel Pledge)  
  • Creating a one-stop-shop website for travel information to make it easier for customers to understand their travel options; for workplaces; tourism operators or developers to find out about TDM 
  • Starting/ continuing the conversation with the community and stakeholders to co-design TDM and take a community-led approach 
  • Working with employers to encourage them to develop travel plans (or VKT reduction plans) 
  • Boosting the Travel Safe programme to increase its impact 
  • Embedding a science-based approach to behaviour change throughout the programme (using models like COM-B; nudge theory and social marketing) 
  • Encouraging the development of ‘Disruption Scenarios’ for construction activities on or adjacent to the transport network (taking a similar approach to those developed for Let’s Get Wellington Moving which use construction/ disruption as a trigger for change) 
  • Supporting travel plans at key trip generators: Tauranga Hospital; Tauranga Airport; and popular visitor destinations across the Western Bay 
  • Expanding e-scooter share and introducing bikeshare to support first/ last leg trips to public transport or greater use of active modes for local trips 
  • Improving end-of-trip facilities for people using active transport to reach their destination.
TDM StoryMap Infographic Infographic


Project Objective
The TDM programme aims to ‘win hearts and minds’ to encourage travel behaviour change by people living, working or visiting the Western Bay of Plenty.
Western Bay of Plenty incl. Tauranga
Workshops, demand assessment, transportation system analysis, report writing
Nov 2021 - April 2022
Project Status
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