Northcote Road signals


While Marian College was under construction, ViaStrada was contracted to carry out the initial scheme design through to the detailed design of pedestrian access improvements around the campus.  The work included the design of a signalised mid-block crossing on Northcote Road, a major arterial route in Christchurch, a Raised Safety Platform (RSP), and shared path for walking and cycling on Lydia Street, the smaller road leading to the college off Northcote Road.

RSPs help reduce the speed of drivers approaching whilst also acting as a pedestrian crossing.
The design was a collaborative effort also engaging the expertise of Bill Sissons of Advanced Traffic.

You can read more about the Marian College rebuild and relocation in The Press article here.

Newly built signalised crossing on Northcote RoadNewly built Raised Safety Platform (RSP) on Lydia St, outside Marian College


Project Objective
Design safe access for people walking and cycling to the new Marian College campus
TSA/ Catholic Diocese of Christchurch
Concept and detailed designs for signalised crossing and other walking and cycling infrastructure
May 2022 - December 2023
Project Status
Key contact