1999 Traffic Management Workshop review in terms of cycling

It was good to see so many professionals presenting remits about cycling issues. This is a very positive development, as there is still a definite need for all of us to learn more about the specific needs of cyclists as road users. We have only just started to learn about it!

I would like to encourage everybody within the profession who is involved in planning or designing for cyclists to prepare remits for sharing the knowledge and to attend future workshops. If workshop attendance is not possible, I believe that anybody from the proposed National Cycling Working Party would be happy to present a remit on their behalf. Cycling is an area where we all have to up-skill ourselves.

I would like to thank everybody for their input at this year's Traffic Management Workshop. I believe the spontaneous meeting mentioned in the remit was of high significance. Colleagues whom I believe some years ago would have discussed whether to provide cycle facilities were present at this meeting and intelligently contributed how to design and provide for cyclists. A very positive development indeed.

The remit is available online on this website.


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post-2001 Traffic Management Workshop (Palmerston North) evaluation