Bicycle network planning: the target audience approach

At the 2WALKandCYCLE conference in Nelson in October 2014, Axel Wilke presented a paper on Bicycle Network Planning: The Target Audience Approach.

The purpose of the paper was to inform about a new approach to bicycle network planning that is emerging in New Zealand. Fundamental to this is the cycling typology developed by Roger Geller, who differentiates between the Enthused & Confident (broadly those people who already cycle in urban areas; some 8% of the population) and the Interested but Concerned (those who would cycle but are afraid of interacting with traffic; some 60% of the population). The difference to previous planning approaches is that the target audience for each network link is defined from the start.

This planning approach has the advantage of creating routes that are consistent in their level of service over their entire length; a direct outcome of defining who a network link is supposed to cater for right from the beginning. It requires more planning effort upfront, but results in corridors being chosen that are more realistic to achieve.
This approach has been used in Dunedin and Christchurch. The network in South Dunedin, which mainly caters for the Interested but Concerned, is under implementation. The Major Cycle Routes in Christchurch are in either the planning or implementation phase, with all 13 routes targeting the Interested but Concerned.

Axel's paper and presentation are available for download from this page.

Where presented/published

2014 2WALKand CYCLE Conference, Nelson