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Andrew is a former director of ViaStrada, now living in Wellington. He has authored or co-authored the papers as shown below.

User Publications

An illustrated lexicon of cycle facilities
Wellington's Central City bus corridors: safe system approach
Best practice for walking and cycling
Earthquake workshop debrief to IPENZ Transportation Group
"Before after" public forum on Christchurch earthquake recovery
Separated Bicycle Facilities in Christchurch
Cycling: catalyst from Copenhagen
Integrating sustainable transport, planning and urban design
What happens when petrol goes up or buses go down?
Lake Road cycle lane options
Estimating demand for Selwyn's cycleways
NZ transport challenges: two think pieces
Signalised roundabout design for pedestrian and cyclist safety
Walking and cycling strategy stocktake
Mainstreaming active modes on urban and rural roads
Transport network optimisation think-piece
Traffic calming on arterial roads
Estimating demand for New cycling facilities in New Zealand
Cycle counting: manual, automatic and continuous
Continuous cycle counting
Cycle route network planning using GIS
A national road hierarchy: are we ready?
Draft national road hierarchy for SMS
New Zealand walking and cycling strategies – best practice
ARTA cycle route network analysis tool
Building our way out of congestion
Planning for certainty through sustainable transportation
Planning and design for cycling: developing best practice in New Zealand
Creyke Road Living Streets pilot project
Sustainable transport in NZ
The case against cycle paths
NZ Supplement to Austroads GTEP Part 14 Bicycles
Automatic bicycle counting
Road classification systems: Christchurch and Toronto
Dunedin one-way pair cycle lanes
Bicycle lanes in Toronto
Cycle use and collisions in Christchurch (1991)
Christchurch traffic screenline survey 1988