The forgotten transport modes (ALGENZ)

Where presented/published

1999 ALGENZ conference, Wanganui

New Zealand transport practitioners seem to underestimate the potential of the transport modes walking, cycling and public transport and focus mainly on the private motor vehicle. This paper examines possible improvements for these ‘forgotten transport modes’ based on European concepts that are applicable for New Zealand conditions.

The requirements of pedestrians are analysed, which show that speed reduction, ease of crossing the road and the provision of space on the footpath are the main issues. Emphasis should be put on providing for cyclists, with this being a sustainable form of transport but under-utilised in New Zealand. Cycling could be a major catalyst for improved community health. A coherent network with emphasis on stress point treatment is required. It is shown that New Zealand cities (large and small) should and could have attractive public transport systems. Bus priority, improved ticketing and concepts so far only used overseas can help in making public transport more attractive.

The paper gives helpful concepts of how to engineer the transport sector for the whole community without reducing the options available to future generations.

The paper and the presentation are available online on this website.

Axel Downard-Wilke
Director – Principal Transportation Engineer & Transportation Planner