Cycling guidelines development

At the Bike Futures conference in Melbourne in October 2015, Axel Wilke presented on the development of New Zealand national cycling planning and design guidance.

This project is undertaken in collaboration between Abley Transportation and ViaStrada, for the NZ Transport Agency and in close collaboration with their staff. New Zealand is faced with an unprecedented level of spending on urban cycling infrastructure, triggered by the Urban Cycleways Programme. A total of 68 gaps in planning and design guidance have been identified, and this project aims to address 39 of those.

The deliverables from this project will be updated guidance, and a web-based reference framework that will point planners and designers to the guidance to be used. This framework is expected to go live in early 2016. More information on this project is available on the Transport Agency website.

Axel's presentation is available for download from this page.

Where presented/published

2015 Bike Futures conference, Melbourne