Innovative diagonal cycle crossing solution for busy intersection

Auckland City Council has developed an innovative diagonal cycle call-phase to run concurrently with opposing right-turning traffic to resolve a difficult cycleway continuity problem. Cyclists wishing to continue westwards at the end of SH20 (Mt Roskill) cycleway have the difficult situation of attempting to diagonally cross a large and complicated intersection. This would normally require cyclists to dismount and/or use several pedestrian phases to reach the desired side of the intersection.

This design is believed to be the first of its kind in NZ. This remit presents the concept and discusses its benefits, risks and applicability elsewhere.

This remit has been co-authored with Matthew Hinton (Maunsell) and Axel Wilke (ViaStrada).

The remit and the presentation are available on the Transportation Conference website.  The topic has subsequently been published as a formal paper at the 6th NZ Cycling Conference.

Where presented/published

2007 Transportation Conference, Tauranga