NZ transport challenges: two think pieces


This technical note summarises two "think-pieces" commissioned by the former Land Transport NZ (now the New Zealand Transport Agency) in 2008.

The first is a research paper by McCormick Rankin Cagney that forecasts future oil prices, estimates consequential impacts on travel demand, and identifies "no regrets" interventions that central and local government could implement to reduce the transport system's dependency on oil based transport fuels. Oil prices are a significant cost of running vehicles, constructing and maintaining roads, and providing passenger transport services. Decision makers in central government and local government need to manage demand for transport in less energy intensive and more sustainable ways to mitigate the potential impacts of changes in oil prices, and ensure the best decisions are made to meet medium and long-term transport needs.

The second is a think-piece by ViaStrada Ltd that considers practical ways to get the most out of New Zealand's road transport system. The report profiles five international case studies and 30 New Zealand examples, and identifies interventions that local authorities can consider to manage competing demands for scarce road space (to move cars, people and freight safely, efficiently and sustainably). The discussion document calls for leadership within the transportation and land use professions and by elected officials locally and regionally to make the changes needed to implement the NZ Transport Strategy.


This technical note and the original research reports do not represent the views of the NZ Transport Agency. The material contained in this note and the reports are the analysis of the independent report writers and their teams. The work should not be construed as policy of the NZ Transport Agency but it may be used in the formulation of future policy.

Conference deliverables

The technical note and and conference presentation are available on our website. The presentation was given by Geffrey Mansell (NZTA), Julie Anne Genter (McCormick Rankin Cagney) and Andrew Macbeth (ViaStrada).

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Where presented/published

2008 IPENZ Transportation Conference, New Plymouth