Separated Bicycle Facilities in Christchurch

Over recent decades in Australia and New Zealand, provision for cycling has typically consisted of on-street cycle lanes. Road networks have become increasingly congested and unattractive to existing and potential cycle users. Surveys of Christchurch residents have shown that separated cycle facilities (where the cyclists are separated from motor vehicles) are the most likely facility to encourage new users to cycle in the city. Separated facilities as found in northern Europe are not directly transferable to New Zealand due to different traffic regulations and road carriageway design.

Based on a scoping study in Christchurch, this technical note analyses which separated bicyle facility design concepts are likely to be appropriate for typical road environments in New Zealand. The study aimed to ensure that facilities would be attractive to both new and existing users. Adoption of such innovative designs will not only contribute to increasing the numbers of people cycling but also provide a safer and more cost-effective transport system.

The technical note was presented as a poster, as shown below, at the 2011 Transportation Conference.

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