SIDRA guidelines evaluation

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Traffic Simulation Conference, Rotorua


This remit was given to the 2007 Microscopic Traffic Simulation Conference held on 6 and 7 September 2007 in Rotorua. It described the development and use of the SIDRA User Guidelines and how they have benefited SIDRA users and those receiving and commissioning SIDRA analysis projects. Microscopic traffic simulation in New Zealand is where SIDRA was ten to fifteen years ago with respect to national acceptance and understanding of microscopic intersection modelling.

There is an identified need to develop a nationally recognised and accepted Microscopic Traffic Simulation Guideline that clients and practitioners can reference ensuring an agreed standard of modelling practise has been used. This should ensure the focus of any debate on models developed is on the outcomes and not the inputs.

There was unanimous support for an industry wide Microscopic Traffic Simulation Userguide, and a Microscopic Userguide Group (MUG) has been set up to accomplish this task.

The presentation is available on this website.

Warren Lloyd
Director – Principal Transportation Engineer