Audit of signalised intersections: recommendations for practitioners

As part of a drive by the ‘Signals New Zealand User Group’ (SNUG) to achieve better consistency with the design and operation of traffic signals throughout the country, Transfund (now part of Land Transport NZ) funded the development of a signal audit methodology, where safety and efficiency of traffic signals are examined. Using this methodology a sample of 123 signal installations, in the area covered by nine TLAs, were audited by April 2004. The survey identified elements which can compromise safety and/or efficiency. As a result a booklet has been produced, which aims to contribute to safer and more efficient installation and operation of traffic signals in New Zealand.

The above is the synopsis of an article published in Traffic Engineering and Control, June 2005, Volume 46, No 6.

Where presented/published

Traffic Engineering and Control (TEC), 46, 230-233