SIDRA Solutions

SIDRA INTERSECTION is a well-known software package used worldwide for intersection and network capacity, level of service and performance analysis by traffic design, operations and planning professionals. SIDRA INTERSECTION is one of SIDRA SOLUTIONS software products owned by Akcelik and Associates Pty Ltd.

SIDRA TRIP is a single-trip micro-simulation model for assessing travel level of service, performance (delay, speed, travel time), operating cost, user cost, fuel consumption, vehicle emissions and noise in real-life road networks.

ViaStrada is the New Zealand representative for SIDRA SOLUTIONS. Please contact us for:

  • software sales or COVER renewal,
  • private training courses, and
  • peer review services.

Note that the easiest way to purchase the software is via the SIDRA SOLUTIONS website, and pay for it by credit card. The same applies to COVER renewal. If that does not suit you and you prefer to pay upfront upon receiving a New Zealand invoice, you are welcome to purchase the software from ViaStrada.

Akcelik and Associates Pty Ltd holds the copyright for the software, and conducts SIDRA SOLUTIONS business activities. Please contact them for:

  • training courses,
  • technical support,
  • changes to customer details,
  • support requiring a ‘Service Fee’ payment, and
  • development of software upgrades.