SIDRA Training/Reseller

Note: Australian organisations should contact SIDRA SOLUTIONS directly regarding software purchase/renewal and training.

SIDRA v9 screen capSIDRA INTERSECTION is powerful software developed in Australia and used commonly in New Zealand as an aid for the design and evaluation of individual intersections and networks of intersections. ViaStrada have provided technical expertise, industry training, sales and other SIDRA support since our inception.

SIDRA Training

ViaStrada are currently reviewing their offerings for SIDRA INTERSECTION training in New Zealand; as well as technical software instruction, this could include training of fundamental concepts for non-specialist clients and managers. Please contact Glen Koorey if you are interested in SIDRA training at any level within NZ.

SIDRA SOLUTIONS regularly provide SIDRA INTERSECTION training in New Zealand as well as overseas. Please visit the SIDRA SOLUTIONS training directory for information and to register for courses being run by Akçelik and Associates.


If you have any technical support, sales support or general enquiries, please visit the SIDRA support page. The page has the answers to a number of FAQs, and a link allowing you to contact SIDRA SOLUTIONS directly for more help.





ViaStrada is the New Zealand reseller representative for SIDRA. However, you can buy SIDRA INTERSECTION software directly from the SIDRA SOLUTIONS online store (based in Australia). If you are a New Zealand organisation that requires a purchase order in New Zealand dollars, then please contact us and we will be happy to arrange this.