Travel planning

ViaStrada staff are experts in workplace and school travel planning. John Lieswyn curates the NZ Travel Planners website including collating resources and case studies. Our expertise aligns well with government's expectations, with maximum urban speeds at schools reducing to 40 km/h as announced in November 2019: 

RCAs will be required to plan and prioritise transitioning to safer speed limits around schools…reducing speed limits around urban schools to 30 km/h (variable or permanent speed limits), with the option of implementing 40 km/h speed limits if appropriate

Another recent development from September 2019 is the Transport Agency's expectation for urban areas to have a mode shift plan:

The Transport Agency’s plan – Keeping cities moving – looks to do this through three main ways: shaping urban form, making shared and active modes more attractive, and influencing travel demand and transport choices.

Recent ViaStrada travel planning projects include school travel plans for Hastings District (a 2018 award finalist), and work on a school cluster in central Dunedin. We freely share our knowledge gained with the industry through conference presentations, for example on evolving methods in school travel planning. Samples of our work include this flyer and plan for an intermediate school.  For further information and advice regarding travel plans, contact John Lieswyn; our consultants are available throughout New Zealand. More information can also be found in the PDF brochure below.


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