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van Mierlo
(former) Transportation Planner

Milou worked with ViaStrada between 2020 to 2021. She has since returned to work in The Netherlands.

Hailing from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Milou is a researcher with a focus on user experience and human centred design. She has a BSc in Architecture, Building and Planning and a MSc in Human Technology Interaction. She has a special interest in the relation between the built environment and the way it shapes road users decision-making process and their behaviour. Recently she also completed the Vision Zero international course on traffic safety in Sweden, which gives her a good understanding of the safe system approach.

Her previous work is related to the development, implementation and validation of new infrastructure measures. This included research into “Nudge” infrastructure measures, motorist warning devices at cycle crossings and general knowledge regarding dynamic and coloured lights in the road environment. Other work involved the review of urban plans with a focus on human experience and behaviour and studies that evaluated people’s attitude and experience of outdoor public spaces, for example a university campus.

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