Transport network optimisation think-piece


ViaStrada undertook research both domestically and overseas to produce a major discussion document for the New Zealand Transport Agency.

The "think-piece" looks at ways of optimising New Zealand's road transport network. Seven themes are explored through a literature review, five overseas case studies and 30 New Zealand "best-practice" examples.  The themes are:

  1. Land Use and Transport Planning Integration
  2. Attitudinal and Behavioural Measures
  3. Optimising Traffic Operations
  4. Public Transport
  5. Walking and Cycling
  6. Freight
  7. Pricing and Charging Measures  

The full report is no longer available from the NZTA website, but can be downloaded from the ViaStrada website, and a summary can be found on the publications area of the ViaStrada website. 


Project Objective
Research and prepare a "think-piece on how to get the best use of New Zealand's road transport network
NZ Transport Agency
New Zealand-wide; Christchurch-based project
"Think-piece" report
Project Status
Completed July 2008 - available on NZTA website
Key contact