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Roundabout (issue 149), September 2016, pages 26–27

The German word for “roundabout” is “Kreisverkehr”. The German word for “cycle-friendly roundabout” is “Kreisverkehr”. In case you missed it, that’s the same word. Since all urban roundabouts designed according to the German guidelines are automatically cycle-friendly, there’s simply no need for another term.

Megan and Axel wrote an article for the Roundabout magazine of the Transportation Group, reflecting on the German and Australasian differences in design guidance. This leads to different safety outcomes, and shown in the graphic below. The article can be downloaded (10MB; large file) from the ViaStrada website. Refer also to our page on German roundabout design.

Crash rate comparison

Axel Downard-Wilke
Director – Principal Transportation Engineer & Transportation Planner
Megan Gregory (née Fowler)
Principal Transportation Engineer