Cycling and the law: Road Rules around biking

Cycling CodeTransport legislation is a tricky and ever-changing beast, even for motor vehicles. For other modes like cycling it can be even more uncertain. What can and can't you do when riding a bike? How does this differ from motor vehicles, pedestrians, scooters and the like?

BiketoberAs part of the Biketober Christchurch transport seminar series for Oct 2020, transport legislation specialist Glen Koorey gave a public presentation and chat covering some of the basics of transport law as it relates to biking in NZ. In this informative session, Glen introduced some of the key transport rules for cycling (and other road user behaviour around cyclists), talked about some of the potential changes to those rules, and also gave the audience a chance to ask some of those questions they've always wondered about cycling and the law.

A copy of the presentation that introduced the discussion can be found here (4MB PDF).

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Christchurch, 13 Oct 2020