Designing signalised intersections for cyclists

Where presented/published

2000 Traffic Management Workshop, Dunedin

The remit's recommendations are:

  • To aim for facility and route continuity when designing cycle facilities at signalised intersections.
  • To put particular emphasis on Stress Point treatment.
  • To base design for cyclists on proper data collection.
  • To benchmark signalised intersection design against the provision of the six design elements, bearing in mind that element (5) is only sometimes required / appropriate.
  • To use coloured surfaces for stress point treatment.
  • To mark detector loops that call traffic signal phases with markings according to AUSTROADS.
  • To adopt a suitable overseas cycle design guideline.
  • To initiate a working group for the review of cycle design guidelines that will result in a New Zealand addendum to the overseas guideline adopted.

The remit and the presentation are available online on this website.

Axel Downard-Wilke
Director – Principal Transportation Engineer & Transportation Planner