Green Lights for Bikes presentation

In recent years, engineers have implemented a number of changes to traffic signals especially to assist cyclists. Many of these changes are not widely known because they are not prominent, nor have they been publicised. Various stakeholders need to know how to improve conditions for cyclists at traffic signals. This presentation describes a number of techniques to help cyclists at traffic signals.

Techniques include cyclist detection, bicycle lanterns, early starts for cyclists, dwell on green, and clearance techniques at the end of green. They are described together with potential applications, benefits, disadvantages, and locations where they can be seen, with examples from Melbourne and Christchurch.

The presentation is based on the guideline Green Lights for Bikes: Providing for Bike Riders at Traffic Signals, which was commissioned by Bicycle Victoria. It was co-presented by Jo Eady (SKM, Melbourne) and Axel Wilke (ViaStrada), two of the authors of the guideline, at the 2010 Bikefutures conference in Melbourne. A video was embedded in the presentation (slide 8).

Where presented/published

2010 Bikefutures, Melbourne